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Practice leads to improvements

Taking your dog to a obedience class is a great first step. However one hour a week for 8 weeks is only the beginning. Dogs require consistent work and there is always something new for them to learn. Physical stimulation is great, but they also need mental stimulation to be a well rounded canine.

While you train with your dogs, remember the following.

**Be patient 

**Each dog is their own

**Do not compare your dog to others

**Be consistent

**Give reward BUT also give corrections 

**Do not praise unwanted behavior 

**Set boundaries and expectations

**Set them up for success by exposing them to as much as you can 

**Allow for good and bad training days 

**Remember to not expect perfection from your dog. We are not perfect, so why would we expect our animals to be. 


PRACTICE = IMPROVEMENTS not perfection. 

Rather than looking for perfection, look for improvement in your dogs training. Remember where you started and look at where you are now. Do you notice improvements? Have you made progress? 

Perfection does not exist, so when we strive for perfection we will always be disappointed. 

Happy Training.

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